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Data Driven Improvements to Haul Truck Operations

Reduce crusher downtime with LoadWise

The presence of oversize rocks in the primary crusher can lead to costly downtime and lost production. LoadWise is an automated oversize detection system which can detect oversize ore in the pit as the truck is loaded. This allows trucks to be diverted, preventing crusher downtime. The system provides a simple, hardware and software solution that can quickly be retrofitted to any vehicle straight out of the box. It can provide alarming and indication of a potential crusher blockage event in real- time. In contrast to camera-based systems and other immature prototype solutions, LoadWise is a highly reliable system which can be configured to achieve specific truck diversion rates and material throughput targets.



The system is optimised for easy maintenance, harsh environments and typical mining conditions. It is durable to operate extended periods which reduces the need for replacement which causes schedule disruptions


LoadWise is highly reliable and can be adjusted to various mine characteristic and is scalable to suit any mine. It is a retro-fitted solution to suit any type of haul truck or tray.


Easy, straight-forward hardware integration and quick installation procedure. Fully vertically integrated solution with the option to choose the degree of integration and automation.

LoadWise in Action


A case study performed at an open-pit iron ore mine in Western Australia that exports 50 Mtpa observed a downtime of over 370 hours per annum from oversized ore blockages.

This resulted in a 4% decrease in production for the year. This equates to an approximate production loss of 2 Mtpa and a revenue loss of US $ 200 million per annum (at US $100 per tonne of iron ore).

LoadWise sensors were installed on several trucks on site to detect oversized ore. The detections were validated by camera footage.

The trials confirmed that LoadWise can achieve an oversize detection accuracy between 70% and 90%, attesting to its effectiveness.

This effectively means that between $140 million and $180 million of lost revenue can be recovered by using LoadWise.

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