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Data Driven Asset Monitoring Solutions

Monitor, identify and report on the structural safety of your plant with SensaWise

The SensaWise System allows for the detection and alarming of untoward vibration, movement and other leading indicators in structures or equipment to prevent catastrophic failure and optimise plant performance. 

The onboard computing capability over conventional sensors with only data logging allows for real-time response and control to proactively manage factors affecting safety and efficiency of structures and equipment.


The sensor can be connected via Bluetooth to a ruggedised compatible gateway, with WiFi or LTE communications capability to link the sensor in real time to plant operations. Exceptions can be recorded and reported as they occur, and data can be logged for off-line remote analysis.

A mounting cradle can be permanently attached to the structure to ensure consistent detection over time. The sensor easily snaps into place in its cradle using integrated magnetics, making removal and replacement quick and reliable.

Over 6 months of data can be logged in the Smart Sensor at its full logging speed, allowing for a local backup and standalone use of the Smart Sensor for data capture.

The Smart Sensor is battery powered and can operate completely unattended for over 12 weeks before the battery needs recharging.

The Smart Sensor incorporates advanced edge processing techniques to allow for efficient data processing. By minimising latency and optimising bandwidth utilisation, the system enhances its responsiveness to real-time variations in the operational environment.

The Smart Sensor is designed specifically for use in harsh mining environments, with IP66 (NEMA4X) protection and ruggedised data & charging port.


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